Disinfection System

Pump SB Series

Proven Long-Ter, Durability For residential pool & spa

Product Features
2 inch suction and discharfe part

Ring lock design to eliminate suction leaks and maximize suction efficiency

Asynchronous , Two poles Motor

Class Insulation

IPX5 Waterpoof standard

Built-in thermak protection

Overload protection

Available in 50Hz or 60 Hz with 220V/380V

Testing Pressure (50PS/3.5Bar)

Pump SS Series

The best Option for smaller Plumbing For the small size residential pools or above-ground pools

Product Features
1.5 inch suction and discharge part with transparent lid

Asynchronous, Two po;es motor

Class Insulation: 130(B)

IPX5 waterproof standard

Built-in thermal protection

Overload Protection

External heat sink

Available in 50Hz or 60 Hz with 220V/110V/font>

Special design union compatible for both imperial and metric measurement standard

Pump SE Series

For geavy duty applications

Product Features
Cast iron bosy with AISI-304 s.s Basket

AISI-304 S.S or Cast iron impellers are optional to match your need

Available with ABB motor

Class insulation 130(B)

IP55 Waterproof Standard

Built-in Thermal Protection

Overload protection

Available in 380V/50V

Testing Pressure 50PSI (3.5 bar)

Basket Volume 5 Liters