Pool Filters

Filter V & S Series

For residential and semi-commercial pools

Key Features
Tabk Material : Bobbin Wound Reinforced Fiberglass

Max Operation Pressure:36 psi / 2.5 bar

Max Operating Pressure: 43 c (109F)

Suggested Size pf Media : 0.5-0.8mm

Cartridge Filter CF Series

For Resistant Plastic

Key Features
Tabk Material : UV Resistant Plastic

Max Operation Pressure:250kpa/36psi(2.5 bar)

Max Operating Pressure: 40 c (109 F)

Commercial Filter (NL,E & K Series)

Able to worl and resist extreme weather conditions

Key Features
Filltration : Laterals/Nozzles

Design Filtrayion Velocity:50 h

Max Operating Pressure: 36 psi(2.5 bar) , 5 psi(4.0bar)

43 C (109 F)

0.5-0.8 mm ,1-2 mm/font>