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Saunas & Steam Baths

A place to retreat and do something good for your health! two fabulous options await you: A Sauna – treat yourself to a cosy wood cladded sauna and sweat it all out! It will aid blood circulation, relaxation and general wellbeing. Or opt for a beautifully tiled Steam Bath, where your pores open up and let out all these toxins – excellent for your skin and general health! In both – sauna and steam bath – you can add your own personal touch with romantic star & moon lights or aromatherapy diffuser features to use your preferred oils & scents. Heavenly! A healthy addition to your home for the whole family to use. Foster & Reed Saunas and Steam Baths are imported from Finland, Spain and China and come with a two year warranty. Pinewood & timber for all saunas are exclusively imported from Malaysia as well as highly durable red cedar from Canada.